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This website aims to provide the general information regarding legal status across many countries for the Ukrainians fleeing the war. This website is run by volunteers, information is collected as it becomes available. If you need specific legal advice - please use the contact info for the official institutions.


The Council of the EU approved the general framework for temporary protection in the EU for persons fleeing the war. Additional information on the national level will follow 

Terms and scope of protection:

  • LENGTH OF PROTECTION: Ukrainian nationals residing in Ukraine who have been displaced on or after 24 February 2022 as a result of the military invasion are granted an initial protection for the period of one year. Possible automatic extension by six monthly periods for a maximum of one year is foreseen. RIGHTS: Ukrainians will enjoy harmonized rights across the Union that offer an adequate level of protection. These rights include residence, access to the labor market and housing, medical assistance, and access to education for children.

  • SELECTING THE COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: They can choose the EU country in which they want to enjoy the temporary protection and can join their family and friends across the EU. For the period of 90 days Ukrainians have the right to travel freely within the EU, once they decide to reside in a particular EU country they will be issued a residence permit which will permit them to enjoy the temporary protection in the selected country of residence. 

  • OTHER PERSONS BENEFITING FROM PROTECTION: Temporary protection is also introduced for nationals of third countries other than Ukraine, who have been displaced from Ukraine on or after 24 February 2022, and who were benefiting in Ukraine from refugee status or equivalent protection before 24 February 2022. Other persons could also benefit from the temporary protection, see paragraphs 11-14 and Articles 2-4 for the details pdf (


  • ENTRY: Ukrainian nationals can freely enter neighboring countries with a biometric passport. Once you are inside the EU, you can travel freely further - with a biometric passport/ regular passport with visa/temporary protection registration doc from any EU member state. 

  • FIRST 90 DAY: The stay is automatically open for 90 days (in a 180 day window) 


    • Temporary protection status - once granted, allows to stay for at least 1 year

    • A variety of visas are available.

    • Asylum - this status allows a person to stay longer and sometimes offers a pathway to citizenship. One needs to apply for asylum in the country that they are planning  to stay in. Processing time of a protection status varies, and one cannot leave the country while the documents are processed (or will lose the status). In the media the word refugees and asylum seekers are used as synonyms, there is a difference between the two from a legal perspective.  


  • Neighboring countries provide free assistance for all those in need (conditions vary), such as food, accommodation, medical help for the period of 90 days (may be later extended for non-asylum seekers). Some countries allow you to work as well under certain conditions.

  • Ukrainians can now use many railways for free, including GermanBelgianDutch, Austrian and Swiss. They generally need to show their Ukrainian passport or ID card at the ticket office. 

  • There are multiple initiatives that facilitate Ukrainian refugees to search for accommodation. For instance, Airbnb offers free, short-term housing. 

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